Five Reasons to Advertise on a Findit Targeted Local Directory

  • Sales inquiries from ready to buy Local Customers looking for a particular product or service.
  • Findit is the only digital platform with Flat Rate advertising, the closest business is on top.
  • An ad on our Local Targeted Directories uniquely generates multiple and valuable SEO links.
  • Stay on top, mobile businesses can use multiple service locations to be on top in more areas.
  • Well written and comprehensive ads can see a webpage that indexes and ranks (see video).
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What Is

Findit Near Me?

Findit Near Me operatates more than 150 commonly branded stand-alone directory websites. Each website is specific to a task and has a domain name that reflects the most popular search term for it's corresponding business or purpose with 'nearme' tagged on the end of it, making it both relevant to your target market and search suggestion appropriate.

Powered by Google Maps&tm;, our websites automatically display the closest businesses to the customer, starting at the top of the home page, eliminating the need for additional clicks or input on part of the user. This dramatically speeds up the process of finding what people want. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge per lead orcommissions and you only pay for advertising space.

How Are We


150+ Specific Websites

Findit Near Me has 150+ specific websites for specific business types. Other directories all their categories contained within one website.

Direct To Your Customers

Our home page is the search results page, it's as simple as that. As a searcher, you can be speaking directly to the business with just one more click, no more searching or category surfing.

Promotes Local Business

Other directories promote a handful of businesses, e.g. '10 of the best', '35 of the best' etc. This results in less relevant results for the end user, as only the businesses willing to pay extra are promoted. Findit Near me offer no such advantage, all businesses are promoted equaly.

No Pop-Up Ads

There are no pop-up ads on our websites and only relevant information, for example: there are only mechanics on our mechanics directory.

Google Ranking Website

Create a comprehensive Google ranking website simply by filling in a short form. Your representation on Google will have all that's necessary to rank, and rank well, all for no extra charge.

Local SEO Citations

Improve your own website ranking with a quality, relevant citation from our websites. It doesn't get much better than this.

Benefits of Advertising on a

Findit Near Me Website

Your advertisement on any Findit Near Me website is a Google ranking web page, giving your business double the online exposure. An example of this can be seen here

  • More calls, simply because our websites promoted domain name is what the searcher is looking for, and finds, with less clicks to get what they want.
  • An advertisement in a Findit Near Me website is the highest quality citations for your existing website because they are both relevant and local, which is what Google like to see, so this improves the ranking of your own website.
  • A link to your business's website and phone number at the top of our home page for the closest customers. You can't get this anywhere but on a Findit Near Me website!

Why Advertisers

Choose Us

  1. Findit Near Me only charges for advertising space, no cost per click or cost per lead. Simply fill in our online registration form and you have a Google ranking web page.
  2. Your Findit Near Me web page has a high quality local citation.
  3. All Findit Near Me websites are specific to your business sector.
  4. Find It Near Me Logo
  5. More informative to your consumer than a traditional website or corporate location page.
  6. Ready to purchase calls from retail customers.
  7. Fully editable interface to enable editing and replacement of content.
  8. Webpage traffic statistices within your dashboard.

Why Consumers

Choose Us

  1. Findit Near Me websites are named as such and are exactly what the consumer is looking for, sorted nearest to their location.
  2. Customers find what they are looking for in less clicks with our unique Home/Search results page design.
  3. No annoying third-party pop-up or banner ads.
  4. Customers get quotes directly via our quote request form.
  5. Tips to help educate the consumer about your services.